Sonnet 5 | The events in a single literary day

(Written October 21, 2016)

  1. Lotus-eaters on Instagram.
  2. Ampersands in restaurant names.
  3. Indicators at traffic roundabouts.
  4. The events in a single literary day.
  5. The nostalgia of Christmas beetles.
  6. A touch of Google Translate between friends.
  7. A lock of hair affixed.
  8. Cheap wine & chopsticks
  9. Too much feeling all around.
  10. The scramble to reach higher ground.
  11. A sleeping totem above my head.
  12. Imitators under my bed.
  13. Speaking a far more dangerous dialect.
  14. Say with your mouth what is in your heart.



everyday (I)

sunday’s for mondial mourning,
overripe to shortly empty and fold
to monday’s virtues (sickies, suicides),
until tuesday wedges itself
between malaise and midweek
to inspire wednesday’s thirst,
and thursday’s deepfried wontons
while friday’s saturated bodies and glasses and wallets,
give way to saturday’s sunken ease.